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Posted by on in Wellness/Fitness

Weekend warriors in their 30s have the highest rate of achilles ruptures. One of the factors that makes you prone to this injury is a tight heel cord. Ladies if you wear heels all the time you are contributing to this tightness.
To overcome this we recommend regular stretching of the calf muscles. One piece of equipment that can help is the ProStretch.  A small and easy adjustable piece of at home gym equipment that can help prevent painful injuries like an achilles rupture (just ask Kobe)



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Posted by on in Wellness/Fitness

Happy to share our newest promo video which highlights our founding goals and our VIP PT program.

Building a Better You!


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Have you been interested in juicing, but do not know where to start?

Or have you been juicing for a while and want some new recipes?

We recommend the Ultimate Juicing Recipes & Tips - 5th Edition This book contains everything about juicing for beginners and experts alike - how to start juicing quickly and easily, as well as advanced juicing subjects such as foraging for superfood greens in your own back yard, fermented juices for digestive ailments, juicing succulents, the newest and most effective cleansing recipes, juicing for better sex, best juice machines, and more. Plus, target your health concerns with over 275 juice recipes based on the latest nutritional research - recipes to boost your energy, lose weight, delay the effects of aging, increase memory, and improve your sex life. Juice for your blood type. Make fresh juice that your children will prefer over sugary drinks. Target diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma, cancer, diabetes, calcium deficiency, insomnia, BPH, bad breath, skin problems, digestive issues, and many more.

It also includes a contribution from our very own Jeanette Carpenter, MD


To get your digital copy Click Here!  

book cover 5th edition1



 Building a Better You!

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Posted by on in Wellness/Fitness

We first encountered the TRX system in a gym class. Following class we immediately purchased one as we saw the benefit for our clients looking to get fit at home and our VIP PT clients working on rehabilitation. 

This system is a great way to get body weight based exercises in at home with minimal space. 

Click here for sample exercises one can perform using the TRX.

To learn more about the TRX or to purchase one for yourself click the image below.


Building a Better You!

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Q&A with Cathy A. Shea, M.S., Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist


I was working with a client who was actively going thru chemotherapy. As we continued working together she often requested that I send a copy of her exercises to her personal trainer. When the client mentioned her trainer was a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist I knew we needed to connect. Cathy and I met at her studio and since then we have partnered several times to offer Physical Therapy and Personal Training to clients. We share a common passion for the wellness of our clients and their families.  Blending our backgrounds enables us to widen our ability to reach a diverse group of people and achieve our clients goals.  Look at the below Q&A to learn more about Cathy.


How long has your passion been helping people reach their fitness goals?

I became a Certified Personal Trainer when I was 20 years old; 28 years ago. I have never lost sight of my passion to help people make changes in their lives

what has been the biggest challenge you have found in helping reach their fitness goals?

The commitment from a client is always a big challenge. It takes time, scheduling, and rearranging priorities. Many individuals struggle with staying motivated and dedicated.  This presents a challenge. Motivation is driven from inside a person. Unfortunately, I am not able to do the work for the client.

When did you become interested in specializing in exercises for cancer survivors

My Mother passed away two years ago from cancer. It was during her illness that I realized I felt a “calling” to become more involved with helping those stricken with cancer.

Since beginning your journey with specialization into a cancer exercise specialist what have been the surprises along the way?

A big surprise is insurance companies are unwilling to assist in reimbursement for my specialty. Many of my clients cannot afford additional expenses while they are undergoing treatment.

what has been the biggest challenge you have faced with your specialization?

Loosing a client to the devastating disease. I become emotionally attached to my clients and their families. I feel the loss on a deep level when a client faces death due to cancer.

how do you personally stay fit/healthy?

I have been a marathon runner for 27 years. I also combine weight training, Pilates, Yoga, and resistance training in my weekly routine.

what are you core beliefs around health?

I believe heath is similar to spokes on a wheel. It includes physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, and environmental wellness. If one spoke on the wheel is “off”, the entire wheel will wobble. I believe it is important to balance our lives as the spokes balance the wheel.


To Learn more about Cathy and and her great services visit Http://

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Posted by on in Natural Health


Did you know that rosemary has been used as a mental stimulant and memory booster? Many herbalists recommend it to treat colds, the flu, and even some rheumatologic conditions.

Unlike some other herbs it will maintain some of its antioxidant properties when stored and dried.

Building a Better You!

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Posted by on in Diabetes

Diabetes and exercise


Did you know that the number of Diabetics is expected to rise to 366 million in the year 2030. Exercises and nutrition are key components to avoiding the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Did you know that if you already have developed diabetes that it is recommended that you participate in > 150 minutes of exercise a week just to maintain your health? If you are diabetic and trying to lose weight the number rises to 250 minutes of exercise per week. Get in the healthy habit now.


Building a Better You!

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Posted by on in Natural Health

Add some spice to your life. The spicy Chile has multiple health benefits. It has been shown to contain capsaicin which blocks the production of prostate cancer cells,and protects against blood clots. Others have used it to increase their metabolic rate to assist in weight loss. Interestingly, some report that when used in a topical cream, chiles can also help with psoriasis. Be careful when handling them as they can burn your eyes if you rub them.


Building a Better You!

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Posted by on in Weight Loss

Currently over 1/3 of adults and 17% of kids 2-19 of age are considered obese. In response to the medical complications associated with obesity and increasing health cost, delegates the American Medical Association are declaring obesity a disease.

Building a Better You

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