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Healthy Mom Healthy Baby

mommyWhat is one of the most important things for the development of your baby? A happy and healthy pregnancy. Carpenter Health and Wellness, PLLC has a program that gives you the tools you need to bring your newborn into a healthy household.

Our program includes an in-home wellness evaluation and basic prenatal exam. You will also receive education on safe exercises that prepares your body for the progression of pregnancy and the work of labor.

With each trimester you receive another in-home consultation to discuss the concerns and changes specific to each stage of your pregnancy. Additionally, you have access to our providers during your entire pregnancy for any questions that may arise. You also receive support through our online community filled with others whose goal is to live a happy,  healthy and fulfilling life.

Jeanette M. Carpenter, MD has the experience to consult on all aspects of pregnancy whether your goal is gain knowledge about labor or have a natural birth. We can also provide postpartum and breastfeeding support if needed.

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