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Have you been interested in juicing, but not sure where to start? 

Or have you been juicing for a while and want some new recipes?

We recommend the Ultimate Juicing Recipes & Tips - 5th Edition This book contains everything about juicing for beginners and experts alike - how to start juicing quickly and easily, as well as advanced juicing subjects such as foraging for superfood greens in your own back yard, fermented juices for digestive ailments, juicing succulents, the newest and most effective cleansing recipes, juicing for better sex, best juice machines, and more. Plus, target your health concerns with over 275 juice recipes based on the latest nutritional research - recipes to boost your energy, lose weight, delay the effects of aging, increase memory, and improve your sex life. Juice for your blood type. Make fresh juice that your children will prefer over sugary drinks. Target diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma, cancer, diabetes, calcium deficiency, insomnia, BPH, bad breath, skin problems, digestive issues, and many more.

It also includes a contribution from our very own Jeanette Carpenter, MD 

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We at CHW believe taking control of daily habits such as diet and exercise are key to wellness. We also beleive minimizing exposure to toxins is essential to great health. We
recommended the Arbonne product line because they are high quality natural products made with only pure she safe ingredients without any harsh chemicals. They have products ranging from nutrition, baby care, skin care, to cosmetics so you can build a better you.



Juice Plus+

Even though it is recommended that each of us eats 8-11 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, many of us just do not or cannot get enough. Being asked "is there anything I can do to get my diet closer to recommended given my limitations?"
It is because of this we now offer Juice Plus+ as an option to help bridge the gap between what is recommended and what sometimes is reality. Juice Plus+ is a whole food concentrate made of 17 fruits, vegetables and whole grains. While real whole foods is always recommended this is an option to consider adding to your diet to get at or above the recommended daily intake of all those healthy fruits and vegetables.

Juice plus+ has been shown in many studies to

  • -boost your immune system
  • -have a positive impact on skin heath
  • -positively impact systemic inflammation

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