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Have you been dealing with a pain that has been keeping you from your maximum function?

Have you been trying to get healthy with exercise, but each time you do it your knees, back, hips or shoulders hurt and you're not sure why?

Do you think you may need to consult a Physical Therapist.

Do you need regular Physical Therapy but don't have time to fit it into your busy schedule?

Then you can benefit from our VIP PT program

We offer physical therapy where it's convenient for you - at our office, at your office, in your home or virtual.  We also offer evening and weekend appointments for those with busy lifestyles.  Evaluation and treatments for your orthopeadic needs can be done without a prescription due to our direct access certification.  If medical advice is needed our onsite physician can evaluate you at any time. . 

Our self pay rate is $100 per session, each session usually lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Invoices can be submitted to most insurance companies for reimbursement.

Examples of those who may benefit from our program

-individuals with  orthopeadic impairments who would like a customized fitness program

-sport injuries

-mechanical low back pain

-individuals who want to start a fitness program (example running/weight training) but hit a barrier secondary to pain

-varied sprains/strains

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